Just checking in.....

Wow, can't believe it's been 2 weeks since I've posted. My trip on the struggle bus hasn't fully ended, but I feel like I'm on the uphill swing.

I had a massive breakdown last weekend when I had gained 5lbs two days after a 2.5lb loss. Luckily it was mostly PMSing and retaining water, because yesterday I was down .9lbs. I am officially less than 2lbs away from hitting 20lbs gone.

That is HUGE for me. That has fueled my need to kick it into gear even more, but we are so busy with the business right now that it is so hard to find time to workout and even cook a decent meal. I'm doing it, but it's not easy and I'm tired. Good news is that the order will be out soon and we can go back to our normal routine and I will then have more time.

I would really like to lose another 10-20lbs by the end of summer and of course, my ultimate goal is to be down 50lbs by Christmas. I'm not rushing it though, I've settled in on the idea that slow and steady is the way to go and as an added bonus, I've heard that the slower it goes, the less loose skin you have to deal with. Don't get me wrong, loose skin is the least of my worries and I'll take it over an additional 50lbs anyday. But if I can get out of this with minimal loose skin and a big loss, I'll be one happy girl.

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